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We offer a number of different services depending on the goals of your project and your needs throughout the project. Pillars Assets has the expertise and industry contacts to get the job done in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Here are some specific projects.


Companies or land owners with a vision to switch to solar power or build solar farms seek Pillars Assets for guidance.

Pillars Assets

Work with companies to identify and coordinate their primary goals and expectation with top developers.


Pillars Assets identifies the appropriate developer for your project needs. We take care of coordinating everything for you.


Milheim Borough

Millheim Borough is located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, and was the recipient of the Sustainability Lodestar Awards for the Greater State College, PA area. This solar array was designed to offset 100% of Millheim Borough’s on-site Sewer Authority, as well as offsetting 2 virtual net metered off-site accounts.


Mount Joy Borough Authority

The 385 kW solar array is part of the Borough’s overall commitment to sound environmental stewardship practices which also include an on-site composting facility, innovative ultraviolet (vs. chlorine) water treatment program and participation in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Improve Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Program. The array is comprised of 1,375, 280-watt Yingli modules, a Satcon inverter, Schletter posts and racking with monitoring provide by DECK.


Midd-West School District

Midd-West School District is located in the borough of Middleburg, Pennsylvania. The School District has an enrollment of over 2,200 students and encompasses approximately 225 square miles. The two solar arrays will provide the students with renewable energy educational opportunities as well as providing significant energy cost savings to the District.


St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas’ Church is located in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Several members of the St. Thomas Church congregation were actively involved in the solar project’s planning, which included integrating a nature walk around the solar array. St. Thomas Church is intending to have members of the congregation invest in the solar project.

A big thanks to SRE for allowing us to use some of their pictures and website information.

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