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Pillars Assets works on 4 different types of services with a focus on PPA's. We work with you to determine the best system for you and how exactly we can make that happen. We then work with installers and developers to make your project a reality!

3.5 MW Solar Radiation Gradiant Map.png
Solar Farm Projects (Utility Scale)

Utility scale solar farm projects are one Pillars Assets main areas of expertise. Solar farm projects include large scale photovoltaic projects that are developed on a plot of land, like a farm or open field. The interested entity, such as a landowner or investor, will reach out to Pillars and we will work with them to design and construct the solar farm. We have a comprehensive set of services which include site evaluation, development of a financial proforma, system design, construction, commissioning, operation, monitoring, permitting and working with the local utility and township.

Solar Layout 2.png
Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are another area of expertise. Commercial projects include projects that are typically developed on commercial buildings, such as Office buildings, warehouses, churches, and shopping centers. We cover all aspects of the installation process from the system design to the operation and monitoring.

SRE Correctional Facility.png
Power Purchase Agreement Projects (PPA's

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) projects are not something that Pillars Assets is currently taking on. These are projects that would include an owner and a buyer. The owner would own and develop the solar system. They would then sell the energy produced back to the grid. 

Residential Installation Projects

Installation Projects are not Pillars main focus but given the right conditions, we are happy to help! These are smaller projects, usually for residential spaces like the roofs of houses or some extra space next to a house. These usually only provide enough power for the property that the project goes on and is usually intended for single family use. 

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