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Pillars Assets stands on 3 pillars: People, Profit and Planet. Prioritizing these 3 things guides each and every decision made by the Pillars Assets team. We look to maximize Profits for everyone involved in our projects. Our customers are able to quickly see Profits from their investment in solar due to our efforts to deliver an affordable product.


A large portion of income earned by Pillars Assets are used to support the People of our community. Fifty percent of the profits earned by Pillars Assets are donated to several charities hand-picked by our team to support local communities and increase access to renewable energy. We believe that everyone should have access to the power of the Sun and Pillars Assets works hard to provide the opportunity to the community.


Pillars Assets believes that installing solar is more than a business transaction. We act as a tight-knit team with our clients, employees and charitable organizations. Through working together and keeping an open dialogue, we develop clear expectations and deliver them efficiently while keeping our Planet in mind. In an effort to assist in curbing global warming and cleaning our environment, Pillars Assets is dedicated to accelerating the integration of clean, green energy by accelerating the adoption of solar power to a broad audience of the community.

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