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Check out previous projects we have worked on and learn more about how we worked with our customers to achieve their project goals. You can view some pictures of the project outcomes to help give you an idea of our previous work. 



Pillars Assets offers a wide range of services that are flexible to your project needs and company expectations. Check out our services page to learn more about how exactly Pillars Assets helps your company become a role model for others to leverage the power from the sun!


We are currently working on expanding and growing our clients. Head over to our clients page to learn more about previous clients we have worked with, their reviews of our services, and how to become a client if you are interested in learning more!



Pillars Assets is a consulting company established by Dr. Tony Kerzmann. The mission of Pillars Assets is to accelerate the integration of green energy in Western Pennsylvania by providing solar power to a broad audience of the community. Pillars Assets was created upon the three pillars of sustainability; these include People, Profit, and Planet. Prioritizing people, profits, and the planet helps guide each and every decision made at Pillars Assets. This is why we donate a large percentage of our income to local community organizations and work with community leaders to educate our neighborhoods.


We are happy to discuss potential solar projects, so feel free to reach out with any questions. 

4801 McKnight Road #1018

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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